Need help creating a vintage-inspired black tie outfit

Q. I recently purchased this vintage-inspired dress for a black tie wedding. I’m looking to accessorize it with shoes and a bag. I want a vintage-inspired look without looking like I’m attending a theme party. Can you help me out? P.S. I’ll be wearing the dress without the straps.

A. What a gorgeous little black dress – and such a great price! Though it is vintage-inspired, you can wear it so many different ways, including modern, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe that you’ll likely wear for years to come.
Below are some shoe and bag suggestions with the vintage feel that you’re looking for. For jewelry, you might want to consider strands of pearls or a chunky large-bead short necklace. A brooch is also an option that you can wear at your hip or above your heart. 

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