Need help getting in shape for swimsuit season

Q. It’s the middle of April already and I am having so much trouble getting motivated to get in shape for swimsuit season. Any suggestions?

A. We’ll admit it, we’re also guilty of letting our fitness regimes slide during the cold months. After all, living in boyfriend cardigans, boyfriend blazers and chunky sweaters all winter long, it’s easy to hide a multitude of sins. Now that warm weather is around the corner, there’s no camouflaging those extra pounds in spring’s skin-baring clothes.

If the thought of swimsuits, sleeveless dresses, tank tops and shorts isn’t enough to motivate you to hit the gym and switch to healthier snacks, we’ve always found that investing in a fitness wardrobe is a great way to encourage you to resume your daily workouts.

Here are some chic but functional pieces to get you started on your road to fitness:

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