Nude heels to wear with a floral skirt

Q. I have a short, almost pencil, skirt that is oriental print. The main color is a wine or burgundy color with golds, deep pinks and another brighter wine or burgundy color. My question is, what color shoes to wear with the skirt? I was thinking a nude shoe but I’m not sure and open to other options. For an upcoming event I plan on wearing the skirt with a cream light blousy shirt tucked into the skirt. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


A. Without seeing the actual skirt, it’s difficult to choose the perfect shoe, however, you cannot go wrong with a nude pump. In fact, it sounds like a nude shoe would be the perfect option for your floral skirt and light cream blouse pairing. Not only will a nude heel work with this look, but just about anything else in your wardrobe as well, so you will certainly get a lot of wear from them. Not to mention the fact that a nude heel helps to make your legs look miles long. As an alternate to a nude shoe, you can try picking up some of the gold or pink tones from the skirt.

Here are some great nude shoes worth investing in:

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