Office Apparel Advice

Q. I absolutely love your column on StyleBakery. Here’s my situation: I work in an office with absolutely no dress code. People wear anything from flip flops and sweat pants to traditional business casual wear. I’m a 23 year old graphic designer, and one of the youngest ones here. As I try to advance in the company, I’d like my wardrobe to reflect that I’m professional and ambitious, and still be able fit in with the VP who wears golf skirts, or the Director who wears trousers and a button-down. Any ideas?

-Office Uncertainty

A. Sweat pants at work – really?  Clearly that person would rather be home on the couch.  Don’t follow that person’s lead for wardrobe cues. You’re in a creative field where many have obviously taken liberties with no dress requirements. Avoid the influence of others’ unfashionable wardrobes and make your workplace wardrobe consistently stylish with dark denim trousers, fitted jackets, cool sweaters, a sweater dress belted at the waist, wrap dresses or comfy jersey styles and add a tweed pair of pants as well.  Looking good and getting the job done well will advance your career further than just getting the job done in sweats and flip flops.

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