One dress, two ways: wedding and casual brunch

Q. I bought this Robbi & Nikki dress months ago for a summer wedding. Now that the weather is warm and the wedding is approaching, I have three questions. First, what jewelry would you recommend to wear with this for the wedding? I’m not sure where to draw the line considering the beading. (Also, it’s an outdoor wedding in the country, so the dress code it somewhat fluid.) Second, for this outdoor country wedding, what kind of shoe do you recommend? No one likes to sink their stilettos in the sod. Third, I love the way this dress looks and feels, so I want to get more wear out of it. There is an anniversary party for my parents coming up later this summer, but it’s a brunch. Can I dress this down to be brunch appropriate? In these pictures they add a belt which seems to do the trick, but I wanted to know if you have any other suggestions.


A. You picked a pretty dress that can definitely be worn multiple ways. For the outdoor country wedding, you should look for gold or bronze metallic wedge to pair with your dress to keep your heels from sinking into grass or sand. Add a little color with your jewelry and handbag. Pretty earrings and a chic bracelet or cocktail ring are all that you need since a necklace would compete with the drapey neckline and beaded embellishments.

For your parents’ anniversary brunch, a pair of wedges or a heeled sandal and a belt will add daytime flair to the dress. You can also layer everything from a cardigan or blazer to a denim jacket or military vest over the dress to dress the look down even further.

Here are two looks for inspiration:

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