Organizing Inspirations

Q. As I love fashion magazines, I have a huge stack of magazine clippings from over the years. All my attempts to organize all this have been unsuccessful.  Of course I have categories: want to buy, inspirations, information in fashion, entertaining, travel and home decor; however, I just don’t know the best way to catalog it and what I should save or trash in order to keep the stack under control.

-Stashing It 

A. Just like your wardrobe, you have to learn to consistently weed through and clean out seasonally. We girls at are constantly reorganizing our files, tear sheets and favorite pics. I live in a New York City apartment where space is tight, so I’ve got to be organized just to fit all my dresses in my closets and keep paperwork accessible. I loathe clutter so I built a nine drawer wooden filing cabinet just to help keep items in order. Another girlfriend who works in fashion has a tall white bookcase with magazine boxes organized by titles and months. Every two years she starts fresh. 

For inspirations and your buying cravings, you should put up a vision board so those items will always be fresh and in view. It’s also a great place to put up tear sheets from magazines and newspapers about restaurants you want to try or fun activities. You’ll likely change those items every month. You can have a share board custom made at I have a simple one with a white wooden frame and white fabric that fits perfectly on a wall in my foyer.  I tack up photos of dresses I adore, travel info, restaurants I’m planning to visit – and it’s a great place to also pin up airline e-tickets, small items like a local handyman’s number or the phone number of the deli that delivers.

Once you’ve figured out the most time sensitive items, then move onto organizing the rest, whether it be in a filing cabinet with hanging folders, a desktop file box or a magazine box filled with attractive folders.  Remember to label your folders so you can find items quickly.  For example, I organize my favorite home design tear sheets by wall colors I love, decorating ideas, artwork, and even by room (bedrooms, living rooms). As for travel, I’ve organized two ways and they both seem to work: I have simple folders from A-Z and on the front of each lettered folder I list the cities, countries, etc. that fit into the letter, or I simply organize by US, Europe, Caribbean and other locations.

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