Pale Skin Needs Color

Q. I read your column regularly and think you have great advice which is why I hope you can help me out.  I am a pasty Swede who lives in the Midwest with skin the color of snow and light hair and eyes to match. Black and white colored tops are too harsh for my skin tone and make me look even more ghostly. Can you suggest some tops that would be flattering to my pale skin tone?  Best of all would be tops that flatter my skin tone while also cinching in at my waist. 
- Skin Like Snow

A. Skip the blacks and pastels and embrace color.  Choose colors like green, deep pink, plum, ink blue and even berry tones.  These colors will either add a bit of color to your skin tone or flatter your ivory skin and light hair to make it a striking contrast.  I’ve picked out a few suggestions of tops that will flatter your shape and help brighten your pale look:

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left to right from Rachel Pally Caftan Top. $176; C&C ‘Brooke’ Empire Tunic, $88; Matty M Balloon Sleeve Knit Tunic, $68; C&C ‘Pandora Dot’ Top, $68

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