Pearls for Everyday in a Chic Way?

Q. I have an 18” string of pearls that I received for my wedding.  I used to wear them to dressier events and functions, but my style has changed and evolved over the years. I am mostly in casual, daytime situations with children and other moms and work part time from home in a creative profession. I would love to wear my pearls again, but no longer just for special occasions. How can I make them more of an everyday, hip accessory?

A.  Unfortunately, an 18” string of pearls is never going to be considered hip.  It will forever be in the sophisticated, classic category – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Multiple strands piled on are tres chic a la Coco Chanel, and one strand worn with your button down shirt is the ultimate in country club prep style. Simply put, pull out your pearls and put them on with your cute tops, button downs and your favorite jeans whether you’re running after the kids, working or headed to a movie. Make the pearls “your thing” to wear, and if you want hip, add a patent leather bag to your wardrobe.

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