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Q. Thank you for your consistent savvy fashion advice.  This is the third time I am asking a question and you have always given me superb tips.  I will come back for more! I am in search of the perfect black pants–if there is such a thing.  Something versatile that I could wear year round, can be dressed up or down, and is wrinkle and lint-resistant, too.  Is that too much to ask?

-Fit Fantastic

A. Unfortunately, due to everyone woman being shaped differently, I can’t guarantee the perfect pair. I’m a big fan of Vince, Alice+Olivia, Chaiken, Jolie Anlo and sometimes Theory. I suggest that once you find the right pair, consider buying two pairs since black pants are truly classics. As for lint resistant pants, this means avoiding wool pants that seem to “catch” everything and avoiding sweaters that shed. Advertised wrinkle resistant pants generally mean that the fabric fibers are treated with a chemical to help resist wrinkles, this also means that the resistance usually lasts only about 30 washings. Polyester and jersey fabric blends usually mean fewer wrinkles.

A few options for you:

Alice + Olivia Wide Waist High Waisted Pant with Belt Chaiken Profile Cuffed Full Leg Trouserspad	Theory Max C Tailor Pant

1. Alice + Olivia Wide Waist High Waisted Pant with Belt, $299 at

2. Chaiken Profile Cuffed Full Leg Trousers, $198 at

3. Theory Max C Tailor Pant, $242 at

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