Rehearsal Dinner Color Confusion

Q. I have been searching for answers all over the internet, and I came across your page. I am attending my fiance’s sister’s wedding in a month and we are part of the wedding party. We will be attending the rehearsal dinner, and I am not sure what to wear. In order to complement what my fiance is wearing, I came across an ivory colored dress. Is that inappropriate to wear to the rehearsal dinner? The day of the wedding I am wearing blue, and I don’t want to wear blue again the night before. Help! What are the dress rules for the rehearsal dinner and also for the brunch the morning after the wedding?

-Ivory Intimidation

A. As long as you’re not wearing a competing white or ivory the day of the wedding, then feel free to wear the ivory dress to the rehearsal dinner. There should be no expectation to wear blue the night before to match the day of the wedding as well.

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