Rules For Wearing Hosiery With Strappy Sandals

Q. Is it acceptable to wear “sandalfoot” hose with strappy sandals and a knee-length dress? I have a black-tie gala to attend but have shins that look like, well, (at 30 with 2 kids) I’ve been playing soccer with no shin-guards…should I go with the hose and sandals or go with a less-fancy black pump?

-Black and Blue Shins

A. I’m not a fan of hosiery in the summer. Would tinted body moisturizer help diminish the look of your bruised shins? If you choose hosiery, be sure it’s sheer sandalfoot and go for a transparent style or a sheer that matches your dress. Make sure any visible seams are tucked underneath your toes. And don’t wear too strappy a sandal that completely shows off the hosiery.

  • amanda

    nude colored fishnets can also “even out” the color of your skin, while being a type of hosiery you wouldn’t mind people to subtly notice. They’re just sexy enough with out looking trashy. Vintage seamed stockings work for this as well (but NOT black seams). Neither of these probably are best suited for “strappy sandals” but rather for peeptoe heels.

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