Rules on wearing black and brown together

PG.NWEASYCOOL.DBRBKSU.PD.jpgQ. I am in need of some assistance with a fabulous pair of shoes that I found (Nine West Easycool Suede Peep Toe Platform Slingbacks)! Following my passion, I ordered first and thought about what to wear with them later! This usually works out just fine, as I LOVE building outfits around shoes. However, this time I am perplexed! They fall into that “this used to be a fashion no-no, but now is totally acceptable” category…they are two tone black and brown!! HELP! Do I wear black…brown…bright colors?? I usually do not have a hard time, but this one has me feeling very unsure of my style credentials!!! Also, I would love ideas for any season! Since they are peep toe I would totally rock them in the winter with some cute tights.

A. No need to fret, my dear, your shoes were not only a chic purchase, but a wise one! Black and brown is indeed an acceptable combination (as is black and navy!), and finding a pair of shoes that combines both colors opens up a wide array of color options to pair with them. Besides the obvious of wearing them with black and shades of brown, these will look great with purple, red, orange, pink, tan and more. They will work with pretty much any color you would typically pair with brown or black shoes.

As for wearing tights with these peep-toes, I would recommend opting for black tights since this is the color that surrounds the toe area. If you’re feeling daring, though, feel free to wear bright tights, too!

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