Sandals for a garden wedding

Q. I’m having a garden wedding this spring and am having a really hard time finding shoes.  I originally bought some silver ballet flats to wear with my simple, elegant A-line gown.  My toes peek out when I walk and the closed flats do not look very good. I really need to find something that looks great, won’t sink into the lawn and won’t make me tower over my fiancé (less then 2 1/2 inches). As far as color goes I’d love silver or white, but I’d even wear pink shoes. 

-Standing my ground   

A. Trying to navigate the outdoors on your wedding day can be tricky – you want a fabulous shoe that will fit the look of your dress, but you don’t want to get stuck in the dirt and lose your graceful poise.  Here are a few silver sandal suggestions that won’t have you sinking into the lawn or towering over your fiancé.

Barely there heels that easily navigate the grounds:


kate spade ‘boisterous’ sandal

$295 at


kate spade ‘bauble’ sandal

$350 at


A small heel to give you some height and still show off a pretty pedicure:


Lumiani ‘Quarto’

$89.95 at


Nina ‘Whist’

$82.95 at

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