Sandals for a yellow dress

Q. I would like to know if black strappy sandals will be okay to wear with a yellow dress?  I know that black goes with everything but I just want to make sure.

-Color Confusion 

A. I’m a little concerned about the severity of black sandals with a yellow dress and the unfortunate reminder of a bumble bee.  I don’t know if your yellow dress is formal or not, but there are so many light, bright, and soft colored sandals for Spring that would work with a yellow dress.  Consider pastels, metallics and even a pattern to brighten up the look of your dress rather than create a heavy sullen effect with black sandals. Here are just a few gold and white selections to give you a head start:


MAXSTUDIO ´Orient Express´ Sandal

$138.95 at


Nine West ‘Emerie’ Sandal

$68.95 at


Laundry by Shelli Segal ‘Syna’ Sandal

$155 at

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a yellow dress from Cache and I’m wearing silver shoes because there are silver diamonds on the dress is that ok? Also what shoudl I do with my make-up?

  • Lisa

    I just bought me and the two bridesmaids silver sandals for a wedding next month….I hope it will look ok, now I’m nervous!

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