Searching For An Affordable Sweater Dress

Q. I love all of your helpful advice! I am writing because lately I have been longing for a sweater dress, in a slightly shorter length (above the knee, but not obscenely so). The problem is most that I find are too thin/sheer, or simply cost an arm and a leg. I love the ones from Vince with the pockets, but they are too pricey. I don’t mind paying more for a wardrobe staple but not for something as trendy as this. I am looking for something in the $50-150 range, any ideas?

-Bare Knit

A. We’re past the season for all the sweater dress best picks. I found very few at this time of year that fell within your price range since this time of year is really about sundresses. Go with the warm weather looks instead and come Fall you’ll have multiple knobby knit picks.

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left to right: Kersh Kimono Sleeve Tunic, $78 at; James Perse Long Short Sleeve Cardigan, $188 at; Ya-Ya Swahili Beach Marine Dress, $184.80 at

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