Sexy Summer Tops With Built-In Bras For Large Bust

Q. I am a 34D and love to wear sexy summer tops but I cannot go without a bra. Very few stores offer tops with built-in underwire bras. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Unfortunately, a large bust does limit your options when it comes to bare summer tops. This doesn’t mean you don’t have options, however. Here are some tips:

1. Layer a tank or camisole underneath tops that would otherwise show too much cleavage. Try the Hanro Perfectly Nude Microfiber Underwire Camisole.

2. Try some of the bra alternatives available for D-cups that give you the freedom to wear tops that would otherwise show your bra while still offering some support: Pure Style Girlfriends: Gather-the-Girls Adhesive Strapless Bra, Sassybax Very Bare Bra and Fashion Forms Adhesive Body Bra.

You are correct that built-in underwires are very difficult to find, however, several companies like Victoria’s Secret and Soft Surroundings do offer tops with built in bras, some of them underwire. You may have to forego the full support of an underwire, though, for the medium support of a shelf bra or soft cup built into tops. Here are some suggestions:

bratops.jpg1. Akana Strapless Tunic, $39.99 at
2. Twist-front halter Bra Top, $28 at (several colors available)
3. Pleated Bra Top, $88 at (several colors available)
4. Sparkle Underwire Halter, $39.99 at
5. Underwire Necklace Halter, $78 at (several colors available)

  • April

    As a fellow large-busted gal, I really don’t recommend the adhesive bras. I’ve tried several types, and they never support me enough to brave wearing them out of the house.

    Get fitted for a good strapless bra, and try some strapless tops with good cleavage-coverage. The shoulders and back will still be bare, and the girls will stay in place.

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