Shapewear Underneath a Swimsuit?

Q. I recently purchased a one piece retro-inspired swimsuit. I am worried about my belly bulge and am wondering, is it possible to wear some type of shapewear underneath the swimsuit?

r410568-p410574-back.jpgA. We’re not aware of a shapewear product specifically designed to be worn under a swimsuit in the water, but I suppose you could always wear a icontummy flattener thong, provided it fits completely underneath your swimsuit. I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable, though, on a hot summer day than shapewear underneath a swimsuit. Next time, opt for a tummy trimming swimsuit instead. There are so many styles available, including retro-inspired, that have built-in tummy panels and high spandex content to suck you in – you’re sure to find one that suits you.

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