Shoe Concerns For Navy Dress

Q. My husband and I have been invited to a posh “Night of the Stars” event. This is like a mini-Oscar evening for his firm where certain employees will be honored for their contributions during the year. It is a black tie event and I bought a long navy evening gown in chiffon, covered in tiny bead embroidered patterns. It is not fancy, but pretty and demure. Could you please give me advice on what shoes to wear? I thought I’d wear silver, but now I don’t know whether they will go. Should I try and find a pair of navy shoes. I can’t wear high heels (I think I would fall over as I haven’t worn them in 40-odd years). I like very comfortable shoes with a wedge heel. Also can you advise on what jewelry to wear? I want to look good, as my husband is one of those receiving an award.

-Looking Posh and Pretty

A. Go for silver since navy is one of the hardest hues to match. And silver is far more posh for the black tie affair. If heel height concerns you, then look for a wedge to stand stable or a shorter heel around two inches. You won’t tower over the crowd, but it will be enough to give the dress it’s glam effect. Some suggestions:

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from left to right, all available at XOXO Gianna II, $51.95; Nina Maritza-Ml, $92.95; Calvin Klein Emmaline, $133.95

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