Shoes to wear with navy dress

Q. My daughter is going to a birthday party, cocktail attire.  She has a beautiful navy blue dress, and doesn’t know what color shoes to wear with it.  I suggested silver or cream, she and her friends say white.  What do you think?

-Who’s Right? 

A. I’m proud to say you’re a mom who still has her cool factor.  You suggested the best answer—your daughter should choose silver shoes. It’s a cocktail party and that means her look should be a little fancy.  Silver shoes will rock her look. White is hard to work into a wardrobe and even if she finds a strappy pair, they just don’t look as sophisticated, stylish or dare I say “fashion forward” as metallic.  A fantastic silver pair can be worn with multiple looks from jeans to colors like white, black, pink, etc. I’m sure there are many more parties in her future and silver is far more appealing.

  • Jackie Harris

    I am wearing a navy dress with giant white polka dots on it to a wedding. The dress is knee length and the wedding is in July.

    Please help.


  • Alison Deyette

    Look for navy patent leather sandals–patent leather is the “it” fabric this season-it’s young and fresh. If you can’t find navy patent then opt for red or balck patent leather strappy heels or peep toe pump.

  • Miranda

    Please help I have a navy blue dress I am going to wear to a evening wedding this weekend (July 7th). The dress is apropiate for the occasion being that it is knee length and has wide straps at the top, but it just seems a little boring. What could I pair with it in jewerly, shoes, belts, and etc to make it not so drab?

  • leela

    2 toned watermelon color dress…can I wear black shoes

  • Cara

    Hey I am attending a wedding on Oct 6. I have a blue dress, cocktail length. It has a small sparkly decal at the bust. i was going to wear silver shoes? Is this a good idea or are there other options?

  • Chethana

    Hey I have a knee-length dress which I will be wearing for a party, Please suggest me which shoes would go with it, its a clack and moss green printed dress

  • pinkyy 2009
  • Veronica

    I am in a wedding in april, we are wearing strapless gowns (navy blue with an ivory sash), what color shoes would look the best?

    • StyleBakery

      Try black or silver strappy shoes or you can try navy if you are able to find a nice pair.

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