Should you wear panties under shapewear?

Q. I purchased a white pattern light transparent dress for Easter, bought myself a full slip to avoid panty lines, but then ended up not wearing the dress because I wasn’t sure if I should wear underwear under the shaper slip. Does the shaper replace the underwear? I wouldn’t want anybody to see my bare butt under the dress when I was outdoors on a sunny day. Thanks.

Camisole Shaper Slip.pngA. What a great question. Whether or not to wear underwear underneath shapewear is a personal decision, though I am from the camp that does. There are many women who go bare underneath stockings, Spanx, etc. However, going bare underneath a slip is a bit risky – it’s really no different than going panty-less under a dress or skirt. So, to be safe (and sanitary), you’re better off wearing a seamless thong or panties under your shaper slip.

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  • Lisa Sperling

    I agree.

  • Janet

    I agree too it is essential to wear panties for all sanitary reasons. It is definitely more hygienic and it does not show any lines after wearing slimwear or butt lifter shapewear on it.

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