Slips to wear under sheer dresses and skirts

Q. I have a dress that comes right above the knee and is pretty sheer. What would you suggest I wear under it? Do people still make “slips”?

slips-180.jpgA. To some, the thought of a slip sounds rather old fashioned, but it is often a necessity to wear under sheer or unlined clothing. Today’s slips offer many added benefits including shaping, slimming and smoothing your silhouette. Spanx, Sassybax and Flexees offer several shaping options from half slips to full shoulder-to-thigh slips. If you prefer a more traditional slip, there are many lightweight silky options, including some peek-a-boo slips with lacy details that are meant to be seen.

Whatever option you prefer, we recommend choosing a nude color which closely matches your skin tone so you’ll get the most wear out of it with a variety of skirts and dresses in your closet. Here are some of our favorite slips with a range of benefits and price ranges:

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