Small Busted in Strapless Gown

Q. I am quite small on top (just under b-cup) and I’m in a wedding in September. Bridesmaids will be wearing long black strapless satin gowns. I have always had trouble keeping strapless dresses up without puffing out my chest all night, and even when they are tailored just for me they still seem to fall down eventually or keep me pulling and adjusting constantly. I’m wondering if there is some kind of bra or chicken cutlet type insert that will keep my dress up and as a bonus make me look like I have more in that department as well. Many thanks!
-B-cup Bridesmaid

A. I know your annoyance first hand. I still remember raising my hands while dancing at my prom and my dress dropped down for a quick expose. Thankfully, I was speedy with my hands and no one noticed, but what a drag it can be to fidget all night.

Due to many past dress adjustments I went searching for the best strapless bras. I found three styles that work for me:

* One from Victoria’s Secret that doesn t give me any extra in the breast department, but stays in place

* For a little "somethin’ somethin’" I always reach for my Wonderbra strapless that stays in place and gives me sudden cleavage. It has built in side padding to create lift and cleavage and the interior of the bra "sticks" better to your body.

* A third option for coverage is an adhesive bra from Fashion Forms that basically sticks "chicken cutlets" onto your breasts for strapless coverage and adds a little more to your cup sie.

While you say a bra is not necessarily the answer, you may want to ask a tailor to sew a bra into the dress to help keep it up. There are also adhesive bands just like those on strapless bras that can be sewn into the top band of the dress to help stick it to your body. My other suggestion is to get matching fabric to the dress, and with the bride’s blessing, have thin spaghetti straps added to the the dress to avoid your impending concerns. Just be sure the fabric matches and it doesn’t diminish the style of the dress.

  • Lynn

    I have been in this exact same situation. I highly recommend toupee tape. It is super sticky double sided tape. You can dance and wave around all you want and that dress will not budge. When it comes time to remove the tape, use a little lotion to help dissolve the adhesive or you will end up with red stripes on your chest for a week.

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