South Beach Bound on a Clothing Budget

Q. I’m going to South Beach, Miami for a week in August and I wanted some tips on what to wear around shops during the day, to the beach, and to dinner/bars in the evenings. I’m 21 years old, 5’3, and 125 lbs and usually shy away from crazy patterns. I want to look fresh! The big problem is that I’m on a college student’s budget…any ideas?

-Young and Style Uncertain

A. You are headed to South Beach, Miami which by clothing definition means sexy, skimpy and vibrant colors. This is the time to embrace a bright pattern, show a little skin with shoulders or legs and deal with sweltering heat. You can create a fun, flirty beach town wardrobe with a small budget by checking out sites like,,, and There are plenty of summer sales happening and you can use that to your advantage to pack stylish clothes for hot weather.

You’ll need a few dresses for day strolling on Lincoln Avenue or Ocean Drive plus dancing at the local hot spots. Shorts, minis, tanks and camis for morning walks to breakfast at places like News Café and jersey or cotton dresses that can work double duty as a cover up by day over your swimsuit and dinner attire by night. Pack your sunscreen, big sunglasses, bronzer or tinted moisturizer and you’re nearly ready to hit the beach.

Bra Cup Border DressMolly DressBorder Print Tube DressAiry cotton short halter dress

Bra Cup Smocked Cami9" chino shortCoco Halter 86981 Rd6220 Su07 M-1

left to right:

1. Bra Cup Border Dress, $22.50 at

2. Molly Dress, $44.50 at

3. Border Print Tube Dress, $34.50 at

4. Airy cotton short halter dress, $68 at (add a belt and sandals for night, and then wear it as a swim cover up the next day)

5. Bra Cup Smocked Cami, $15.50 at

6. 9" chino short, $29.50 (sale) at

7. Coco Halter, $19.50 at

8. Stretch chino mini, $39.50 (sale) at

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