Strappy Shoes In The Winter

_5692207.jpgQ. I just bought these fabulous strappy shoes. As the weather gets cooler, I would like to keep wearing them… I have seen similar shoes in catalogs with models wearing them with tights. Can I wear them with jeans or slacks barefoot? When is it appropriate to wear footless tights?

A. You most definitely can wear these shoes with tights in cool weather. As for going barefoot and wearing them with jeans, it depends on the weather where you live and how comfortable you will be. The latest J Crew catalog is filled with sandals and pants or jeans worn without hosiery (see image below). In real life, though, it’s easier to get away with the barefoot look when you are getting dressed up for an evening out than for daily running around or dressing for the office. As for footless tights or leggings, the same rules apply as going barefoot.

Our advice? If you’re not entirely comfortable, it’s much safer to wear tights.


  • Beth

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  • Brit

    I don’t really like the look of tights with strappy sandals. I think it’s kind of tacky (sorry). But I think you could get the same look with some strappy mary janes. The closed toe is much more suitable for the colder days. There’s some great styles and colors at They won’t break the bank either.

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