Straw hats and bags or whites after Labor Day?

Q. I was just watching you on THE VIEW. My mom taught me “no white shoes, hats, etc.” before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.   Does this rule also apply to straw hats?  I live in NY and wear hats to church, temple, daytime weddings, etc.  Is straw ‘out’ in the fall?

-Labor day wonder   

0458757078412 Astl 300X400A. It’s time to put away the straw hats and straw bags.  Straw is definitely a “wear in warm weather material.” If you lived in a year round warm city, you could extend the wear and carry of straw items, but since the temps in NY will be changing, it is time to pack away your straw items. 

As for white, while most items like white sandals, white linen clothing and some white dresses should be stored for next season, feel free to wear your white jeans, white shirts and more all year long.  Designer Michael Kors has repeatedly remarked that wearing white jeans in winter with a black or camel cashmere turtleneck sweater is sleek and chic. And I agree.

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