Stripes On Plus Size Gals

Q. I have always wondered and had a problem when looking for blouses in Plus size stores – instead of having mostly vertical stripes or stripes that are diagonal and meet in the middle to minimize a large bust, they all mostly have loads of horizontal stripes! I am surprised that designers for these stores seem oblivious to this. A few of the horizontal stripes may look okay under a nice fitting blazer or sweater but not alone. Where are all the vertical and diagonal stripes?

-Stress for right stripes 

A. Yes, I wonder as well why plus size collections inevitably include horizontal stripes.  But there are some designers that get it. Lane Bryant is one of those companies that always offers a wide selection of contemporary looks and plenty of vertical, diagonal and chevron stripe styles.  I’ve picked out looks from several brands that I hope will help minimize and add style to your wardrobe.


striped kimono-style tunic,

$44.50 at


mitered-stripe shirt,

$44.50 at

562873 Hi

grey lurex stripe twist

front 3/4 sleeve tunic,

$42 at

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