Stylish outfits for a job interview

Q. I’m interviewing at a fashionable PR firm and am having trouble choosing the perfect interview outfit. Can you help?

A. The great thing about interviewing for a fashionable workplace is that you have some flexibility about your wardrobe choices. Feel free to express your personal style and add fashion-forward touches like a hint of animal print or a statement necklace. The goal is to look professional yet creative, stylish but not too trendy. Be sure to stick with the usual rules applying to interview clothing which includes the always-important: don’t show too much skin, cleavage or leg.

For your interview, I would suggest starting with a classic sheath dress that has interesting details like colorblocking or prints. Add a sleek leather jacket or blazer, black tights, chic pumps and one piece of statement jewelry for an impressive outfit that will give you the confidence you need to help land the job you want.


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