Suede in the Heat?

Q. I have really enjoyed the new abundance of navy items in stores lately and particularly love to wear my low navy wedge/peep-toes with my jeans because they create such a long, lean look for my petite frame. However, the shoes are suede and I live in south Florida. Every time I put them on I wonder if they’re appropriate for summer in our very warm climate. Is suede a summer-appropriate finish? If not, can you recommend some cute shoes with a slight heel in navy that would work with my jeans? I love the Tory Burch navy flat, but that’s just it- they’re flat! I need a boost for my short self.
– Need a Navy Lift

A. Suede in the south Florida heat can be a bit of an irony in your wardrobe, but many designers have offered lighter colors in suede sandals for summer like powder blue, orange, etc. Since yours are navy, I’d suggest shopping for a navy wedge in another fabric for those 90-degree days and keep the suede for those slightly lower temps in October for when it’s a “chilly” 70 degrees. I found a few wedges that should keep you looking long and lean in your jeans.


1. Fitzwell Anaya, $69 at
2. Sam Edelman’s Women’s Finny, $79.99 at

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