Suggestions for cute, colorful luggage

Q. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find colorful, cute luggage?  I am traveling to France in the spring, and I would really like to find something that is not black or dark brown.  It needs to be large, as I will need to stuff three weeks worth of clothing and souvenirs into it.  I had a fuchsia DVF suitcase however, it broke and I need to find a replacement.

A. I traveled on 20 flights from Thanksgiving to New Years and that meant learning to travel light and finding the right carry-on bag for my book, magazines and pocket video recorder and a suitcase that’s easy to find on the carousel.   Black is a big NO NO for suitcase colors – unless of course you want to waste time at the airport or worry that someone with the same style walks away with your precious cargo. I watched a guy chase after a woman who mistakenly had done just that in O’Hare airport!
I’m a big fan of finding the big names and a big range of luggage for less at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  There’s a fabulous new line of printed luggage pieces from Also, check out styles from,, and

Here are a few suggestions:

Delsey Helium Lite
100 Luggage Collection
$30 to $130 at


Polo Ralph Lauren
2000 Rugged Collection
$151 to $459 at


Atlantic Altitude 24"
Expandable Upright
$64.99 at

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