Swimsuit for DD Top, 6 Bottom

Q. I have been addicted to your website for years. It is so helpful for many reasons. I am writing to you for advice on finding a bathing suit. I am a 34D sometimes DD, but a size 6 on bottom. I am having the hardest time finding appropriate bathing suits (I am 38 years old) that don’t make me look pregnant in the middle, but fit nicely in the breast area. I usually wear halter type tankini’s, but lately the cuts are so low that I feel like I have to squeeze into it. Any suggestions or ideas on where to find decent bathing suits that are made for a woman and not a young girl?
– Suit Yourself from Long Island

A. I found several options that will fit a size D-DD cup size and offer coverage so you don’t feel uncomfortable at the beach or pool. Sites like jcrew.com and figleaves.com offer swimwear sections specifically for D-cups and you can buy separates to insure you get the right support on top and the coverage on your bottom half. Don’t forget to check out our swim style recipe with more swimsuit tips and suggestions.


1. D-cup solid halter tank (available in 5 colors), $74 at jcrew.com
2. D-cup solid halter tank top (available in 6 colors), $57 at jcrew.com
3. Contrast Waist Suit, $152 at couturecandy.com
4. Women’s Regular Solid Ruched V-neck Tankini Swimsuit, $69.50 at landsend.com
5. Next by Athena Tiny Bubbles Tankini Top (D & DD-Cups), $56 at macys.com

  • Anon

    I have the same problem. Before I had my son the Jcrew D-cup swimwear fit me great. Now that I have an even bigger nursing mama chest, they feel way too low cut. I had success with some of the separates from Swim N Sport and also the D-cup swimwear from Athleta.

  • http://girl-woman-beauty-brains-blog.com Girl-Woman

    I have a reader/friend who has the exact same situation. I am passing this on ASAP. Thanks.

  • April

    Hopefully I’m not too late with this comment, but Freya and Fantasie are the best lines of swimwear for girls with large chests, hands down. I’ve tried LOTS of swimsuits similar to the ones posted above, but I need more support, and halters make my neck hurt. I’ve tried JCREW, Shoshanna, Victoria’s Secret…you name it. I want to tell every freakin’ large-chested girl I know about these brands.

    Lionslairdesigns.com has a good selection of Freya and Fantasie, and great customer service (that’s where I order mine). I think you can also find these brands on figleaves.com or barenecessities.com, but I haven’t found a great selection of fun designs there. Fantasie probably has more one-pieces and tankinis that aren’t too low-cut.

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