Tangerine and Sand

Q. I need help to figure out what type and color of shoes to wear as a bridesmaid for a beach wedding in Key West.  My dress is a tangerine color and is from JCrew.

-Tangerine Dream

A. Beach weddings are always tough in the sandal department. We all want to look our best and heels guarantee a good looking leg, but sand impedes that choice. The other way to look at it is you get to be more casual and dance barefoot. So before you kick off your sandals and go barefoot for the reception, choose a flat fancy sandal with a little gold embellishment.

Mystique 1919Nine West Rosmarie

1. Mystique 1919, $130 at piperlime.com

2. Nine West Rosmarie, $82.95 at zappos.com

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