Tees for Layering

Q. Do you have any recommendations for which stores or brands have great layering tees for fall clothes?  I have seen a lot of examples of layering thin long sleeved shirts under dresses, sleeveless sweaters, vests, etc.  Where can I find shirts thin enough that they won’t bunch up under the other pieces?

-Tees Please

A. I’m with you on avoiding bulk this Fall/Winter. Layering is key and a great way to continue wearing some Summer pieces like sheer tops and dresses. Some of my favorites include J.Crew’s tissue thin or tops with stretch, Splendid, American Apparel, and C&C California. And thankfully many of these brands are cutting longer lengths to help give coverage when paired with lowrise pants.

Long-sleeve crewneck tissue teeBaby Rib 3/4 Sleeve Boat NeckSheer Rib 3/4 Sleeve V-NeckC&C California Basic Long Sleeve TeeStretch cotton solid turtleneck tissue tee

1. Long-sleeve crewneck tissue tee, $32 at jcrew.com

2. Baby Rib 3/4 Sleeve Boat Neck, $21 at americanapparel.com

3. Sheer Rib 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck, $34 at americanapparel.com

4. C&C California Basic Long Sleeve Tee, $55 at bloomingdales.com

5. Stretch cotton solid turtleneck tissue tee, $29.50 at jcrew.com

  • Christine

    Funny – I just posted a product on another area of your site regarding this very topic. The hip-T is another great way to layer without tshirt bulk and tangle while gaining coverage for the low rise. http://www.myhip-T.com for the whole picture.

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