The best jeans for battling 'muffin top'

Q. I’m so tired of all my jeans giving me unattractive rolls at the waist (muffin top). Any suggestions?

A. I gave up on low rise jeans a long time ago for many reasons, mostly I just felt they did not flatter my waist. Higher rise jeans are your first plan of attack on the dreaded muffin top. High rise jeans may give you visions of horribly unstylish “mom” jeans, but they’ve come a long way. There are now many stylish options, mostly in skinny jean silhouettes. I just bought two pairs of Madewell high rise jeans and I love them!

If high rise jeans are not your thing, another option is to choose a slimming tank top (like this one from Spanx) or shapewear to wear under your shirts and tuck into your jeans. This will help to prevent any spillage over the top of your waistband.

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