The best strapless bras for full busts

Q. I wear a DD bra and can’t seem to find a good strapless bra. Can you recommend one?

A. I, too, have always had trouble finding a strapless bra that offers the right kind of support and comfort. It’s important that you get the right size bra, particularly when it’s a strapless style. The back size should be snug enough that there is no slipping or gaping, and the cup size should fit properly so there is no spillage or smooshing. If you haven’t had a recent professional fitting (free in most upscale department stores), it is definitely worth taking the time. Or, follow these bra fitting tips.

The bra experts at recommend the Va Bien Ultra-Lift Strapless Convertible Bra as the best fitting strapless bra. It’s available up to size H and I cups, so it’s made for women with full busts. The Freya Deco Strapless Underwire Bra is also an excellent and popular strapless style for fuller busts.


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