The difference between weatherproof and waterproof shoes

Q. I wanted clarification on the difference between weather proof shoes and water proof shoes.

f2e4e3e115f020e54db2f5562c06083d.jpg.jpgA. Weatherproof and waterproof are basically the same thing, though weatherproof usually refers to a warmer shoe meant for the snow. Both terms mean the shoe is designed to keep water out. Water resistant shoes, on the other hand, will reasonably keep water out but are not designed to be worn in standing water (puddles) or deep snow. For example, a rubber rainboot is waterproof, while a suede shoe treated with repellant spray is water resistant.  

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  1. Erika
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 21:38:27

    I’ve been researching Frye boots for a long time now. I want a taller pair I can wear everyday and tuck my jeans into them. I’m a stay at home mom and live in a cold climate so I’m mostly in pants. Can you direct me to a style that is roomy enough to wear with jeans inside them – or am I destined to skinny jeans only and skirts with these beautiful boots?


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