The perfect holiday party look when you’re the hostess

Q. I’m hosting a holiday party and I’m having trouble finding the right look. I’m going to wear a dark denim jean (AG ballad). For shoes, I would like to wear a sleek pump or bootie. I can’t find a figure flattering top. (I’m short and a little curvy on the bottom). I would also consider a v neck cashmere sweater with a great statement necklace (which I don’t have either). Can you please help me pull a outfit together.

A. I host a holiday party every year and have learned a thing or two about dressing the part (sometimes the hard way). The most important thing is to be comfortable — hosting a party is hard work! Choose pieces that are chic, dressy, yet completely unfussy. You don’t want a lot of dangly bits or anything too constrictive. I also always wear something lightweight — the kitchen can get hot and there’s nothing worse than feeling warm and sweaty in a sweater or blazer.

My foolproof outfit? A pretty blouse, skinny pants or jeans and a not-too-high heel. Comfortable shoes are a must since you’ll likely spend most of the party on your feet. No need to forego heels, however, just choose a shoe that’s manageable for you. Some people can stand for hours in pointy-toe stilettos, but not me. A 3-inch heel or so is my max.

Finish your look with a sparkly holiday-worthy earring or pretty necklace that doesn’t hang too low. Here are some pieces to consider to wear with your dark denim jeans.

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