Tips for adding a belt to your coat

Q. I just bought a long, single-breasted raincoat that didn’t come with a belt and wondered if I could add a belt to it? If so, what sort of belt should I look for? It’s stone colored with a yellow floral lining.

A. Whether your coat comes with a belt or not, adding your own belt is a great way to give your coat come personality. Wide belts tend to work the best with most coats, but you can also try experimenting with skinny belts or even scarf ties, depending on how lightweight your coat is. Here are some looks to consider for your stone colored coat with the yellow floral lining:

  • Vic De Zen

    I have never been brave enough to try wearing a raincoat like this but maybe this autumn I’ll experiment a little. Great question, I never would have thought of it =)

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