Tips on spicing up a boring maternity wardrobe

Q. Do you have any suggestions for “spicing up” a very boring maternity wardrobe? I am seven months pregnant, and so bored with the styles. Any help would be great!!

A. Unless you’re lucky enough to have that famed pregnant glow, it’s usually somewhere around the seventh month that women start to feel big, uncomfortable and just plain “blah”. Of course this carries over to your appearance and feeling uninspired by your maternity wardrobe is quite common. Since you have only a few months left to go, it doesn’t make sense to invest in expensive maternity pieces that you’ll get very few wearings from.

Instead, add some spice to your maternity wardrobe with accessories: a gorgeous statement necklace, head-turning handbag, a fresh scarf or even some great shoes (comfortable, natch). These will freshen up the clothes you already have and can be worn long after the baby arrives. Here are a few ideas for you (click on each for store info):

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