Tops for High Waisted Skinny Black Pants

Q. I recently bought some black high-waist (skinny) pants that I really love, but every time I think about wearing them I change my mind because I can’t find the right top. I want to tuck the shirt in to accentuate the high waist (naval level). I like the way the proportions look when I wear them with my J.Crew v-neck t-shirts, but it’s just too boring to wear a solid color on top and on bottom! Can you recommend some short-sleeve shirts that will liven up the look?
– Liven my Look

A. While it’s simple to tuck in a t-shirt or slim fitting tank, here are a few other options that will tuck into or still show off the high rise of your skinny pants. Don’t hesitate to wear a top that skims over your hips and add a wide or skinny belt at your waist, or tuck in a top and wear a belt over the waistband of the pants.


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