Tops to wear with leggings this spring and summer

Q. I’m a Chiropractic Student so day to day I’m in lecture and adjusting lab and moving around a lot. Lately I have really loved the leggings trends. They are so easy to move in and I can be comfortable in class for long periods of time but still be able to work on my pateints without any contraints-and usually still pull together a cute outfit. I know leggings are still in style for spring but I can’t find any tops that I can wear with mine that aren’t really low cut and when I’m adjusting a patient I have to be modest. I know I can always just wear a long t-shirt or put a sweatshirt on over whatever I’m wearing but I want some more options. Could you please give me some ideas as to either types of tops I could wear. Thanks so much!

A. We’re all for dressing comfortably, as long as you still look neat (not sloppy) – especially if you are working on a patient. Leggings can be a great option worn with tunic tops and some of this season’s short dresses. If you’re concerned with exposing too much with a low-cut top, simply layer a tank or camisole under your top to avoid any issues. Here are some tops and dresses to wear with your leggings, add a pair of ballet flats and you’ve got a look that is stylish and comfortable:


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