Transition dressing: What to wear to work in September

Q. I have so much trouble figuring out what to wear to work this time of year in between summer and fall seasons. Can you help?

A. Summer to fall transition season is tricky for everyone. Post Labor Day, our summer sundresses suddenly don’t seem appropriate, even though it might be 75 degrees out. It’s also too soon for sweaters and other fall clothes — so what’s a girl to do? Here are some ideas of what to wear to your work events in September:

In the first look, pair your floral dress worn all summer long with a lightweight blazer and pumps to perfectly bridge the gap between seasons. Another no-fail idea is a short-sleeve dress with leather detailing. Finally, cropped pants and a blouse are an easy combination worn with flats or heels; add a jacket, sweater or cardigan if the weather is cool.

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