Versatile Dress To Wear To Multiple Weddings

Q. I have to attend three weddings in November – one which is an optional black tie. I didn’t know November was such a popular wedding month! I’d like to get a dress that I can wear to all three…without spending a FORTUNE. Something trendy and gorgeous! I like black and bright colors and have auburn hair and fair/medium skin tone. Everything out there seems like it is still summery…also can I still wear sandals in November?

A. How lucky you are that you’ll be getting so much use out of one fantastic dress! You mentioned that one wedding is optional black tie, but we’re not sure if the other two weddings are more or less dressy. Below are some affordable options that can be dressed up or down for a multitude of occasions. Pair them with strappy evening-worthy sandals, some fantastic jewelry and you’re ready to dance the night away.

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