Warm, Cute, Weatherproof Shoes To Wear In The Winter

Q. My dilemma… I forget every year that I have this problem. I’d love your suggestions. Once the cold weather hits, I don’t want to wear my cute shoes for a couple of reasons – dangerous on the ice and not very warm. I know there are always boots but even cute boots aren’t very warm with the thin soles and sometimes heels. I’m a mom of two who mostly wears jeans, t-shirts, sweaters…casual wear. No skinny jeans here… I’m usually running around doing errands, driving the kids etc…I want some cute shoes or boots to wear inside and outside that are warm and somewhat durable. I have winter boots but get SO sick of wearing them all the time. And, I’m not talking about during a snowstorm but after it’s snowed and there is still snow on the ground but the roads & sidewalks are cleaned up. Any suggestions? Thanks!

aquatalia.jpgA. Believe it or not, you don’t need to trade your “cute” shoes for winter boots when the weather gets cold and soggy. Weatherproof shoes have come a long way and women no longer need to settle for traditionally unstylish snow boots. Two of our favorite brands are Aquatalia and La Canadienne, each offering a huge variety of weatherproof shoes, ankle boots and tall boots that are so stylish, you’ll want to wear them even when the weather is fair. Though some styles are a little bit expensive, consider it an investment in a shoe you’ll wear for many winters to come. Below are just a few of our favorite styles, most of which are perfect for your casual, on-the-go lifestyle – and some are even on sale!

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