Wearing Hosiery Every Day

Q. I have been reading the StyleBakery website, and I really appreciate the advice you offer.  Not too long ago I changed jobs, and now I have to wear more dressy outfits than before. Recently I realized that I’ve grown so accustomed to wearing sheer hosiery, so that I feel underdressed without them.  I wear a mix of skirt and pant ensembles, but generally wear pantyhose with either, now that summer is gone. 

I was dressing up for a date recently and I was wearing a blouse, pants, heels, a scarf and a blazer.  I wanted, of course, to look my best for my date, but when I put the outfit on, I felt underdressed – I didn’t have pantyhose on.  I fixed that of course by putting pantyhose on underneath my pants, before I left my apartment.  Then I clearly realized that I like to wear pantyhose and consequently they benefit my outfits by giving me added confidence about my style, even though sometimes, my legs aren’t even showing. 

My question is, well, did I discover for myself a little gem of a fashion secret, or is it just me being particular about hosiery?  My friends don’t wear sheer hosiery that much (we are in our late twenties).  They don’t find it appealing – but I do.  Is it possible to grow to like to wear pantyhose like that?

-Positive for Pantyhose 

1000Ssp-1A. Simply put, stick with what gives you confidence. Hosiery helps smooth your body and will make clothing look better on your body.  It works as a compression garment by minimizing your tummy, hips and thighs, lifting your butt a bit and, over time, can diminish the look of cellulite.

Many women like the smoother look that hosiery gives their legs. So while some of us like to go bare legged whenever possible, you should feel free to stick with your confidence-building hosiery-wearing self.  One thing to note, if your sheer hosiery is of the “nude” variety – be sure that the hose matches your skin tone exactly and has a transparent look (see this post for our favorite invisible sheer hosiery). Also, why not experiment with a variety of patterns or colored opaque tights?

When wearing hosiery underneath clothing, you might want to try Spanx Footless Body Shaping Pantyhose, you get the same confidence as hosiery but with a little less coverage and the ability to wear strappy sandals.

  • Dan


    I just want to say that I don’t think enough women wear pantyhose these days. I am a 32 year old straight guy and I have to say that I love the look of a woman in pantyhose. Can’t put my finger on it, but it drives me, and I am sure other men, crazy. I hope that this encourages more women to wear them all the time.

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