Wearing silver and gold jewelry together

Q. I was recently at a Premier Jewelry party and was very confused.  How do I know if I should be wearing gold or silver jewelry?  I have a good many silver pieces.  My boyfriend gave me a gold ring with a topaz stone, so now I only wear gold.  Can you mix the colors?  What about copper – can you wear it with gold?

-Color Quandry 

A. Don’t feel stymied by your jewelry choices.  Even though you’re wearing a gift of gold and topaz on your finger, you can still continue to wear silver.  If you wear gold on your finger or wrist you can wear silver around your neck and on your ears.  For example, I wear a silver watch, but still wear gold earrings and a beaded necklace with gold details.  Unless the earrings or necklace mix gold and silver, then I’d suggest you keep your ears and necklace in the same precious metals.  If you wear a gold ring I’d keep your other rings and bracelet on that hand in the gold tone as well. If you wear a silver watch on one hand, you can still wear a gold ring on the other. The bottom line is, it’s ok to mix metals as long as they are not visually close together.

  • Foton

    Does this rule of mixing silver with gold apply to yellow and white gold ,or is it a faux pas ?

  • Melody

    I am attending a wedding this weekend and I am wearing a silver satin dress with a sheer halter neck. Anyway, can I wear gold jewelry with this? Or am I limited to silver? Or can I mix? HELP PLEASE

  • Alison Deyette

    I would probably stick to silver, pearls or diamonds or faux diamonds. If you want to wear gold then wear only gold so it clearly shows you meant it to have the contrast, but keep the gold simple not big or chunky.

  • victoria oldridge

    Hello, I have porcelain skin, green/blue eyes, medium brown hair and I’m getting married in a nearly white dress soon. I don’t know whether I should be wearing a gold or silver necklace. Also, besides the wedding, which metal is best for my combination of traits?

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