Wearing White to a Wedding?

Q. Would you please clarify whether it is appropriate to wear white to a wedding? I have a dress that is cocktail length in white and has a black 6-inch lace band around the middle. I was planning to wear a black sheer jewel wrap and black shoes. The bride is wearing white and the wedding ceremony is not at a church, but at the reception hall.
- Guest in White

A. It’s always best to leave the focus in white on the bride. While your dress has a black band, it would still be better to wear any other color. And unfortunately the accessories are not distraction enough since you may remove the wrap for the festivities.

  • http://weddiquetteblog.com Tiffany

    I respectfully disagree somewhat, Alison. I think that as long as Guest In White keeps the shawl on, she should be fine. However, I would suggest that she first consult the bride, if she can, and if the bride doesn’t mind, then go for it!

    More and more brides are thinking outside the box when it comes to their dresses, wearing all sorts of cuts and colors, so I don’t see why a guest should necessarily stick to the ‘rules’.

  • AD

    Ugh. There are a MILLION other colors you can wear. Please leave white for the bride, especially since you already know she is wearing a white dress, and please DO NOT contact her to ask if it’s okay for you to wear white. Brides have a lot going on, and it’s such a pain to field these kinds of questions when the guest should just pick another dress.

    Besides, even if she said it was okay, you’ll probably get a lot of disapproving stares from guests who follow proper etiquette. I guess it’s your call if it’s that important to wear that particular dress, but out of respect, I wouldn’t do it.

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