Wedding Dress Ideas For A Vegas Elopement

Q. I have an unusual situation (or maybe its more common than I think) – I’m eloping in Vegas but I will also be having a classy Cape Cod wedding in a year or two. So I will be wearing the whole “real” dress then. What I want to wear for the silly Chapel on the Strip thing is something fun, white and “Vegas”. Any ideas? I was thinking short, sequined, help!!! I’m 5’4″ petite 135, size 4-6.

A. Congrats on your upcoming elopement! Vegas weddings are meant to be fun and yes, just a little bit cheesy. Feel free to have fun with your Vegas dress, but make sure it’s tasteful enough that you won’t be embarrassed to look back at the photos 5, 10, 20 years from now. A white cocktail dress with or without sequins is perfect.

Here are a few suggestions we found for you in a variety of price ranges. Have fun and say hi to Elvis for us!

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