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Q. I’m 15 years younger than my husband.  We both work out and are fit.  His son is getting married – afternoon wedding.  The bride and I are very close.  She said she doesn’t care what I wear to the wedding.  My concern is that I want to look elegant but not draw too much attention to myself from my attire.  The ex-wife is much heavier than I am, and also 20 years older.  I’m struggling finding the appropriate attire.  A beaded suit is not me at all, yet I don’t feel a black little dress is appropriate.  I’m a very outgoing upbeat person — any advice on what I should wear?

-Formal and Fretting 

A. You’re fit and fabulous and there’s no reason to look dowdy or play it safe and be a wallflower.  Weddings are a girl’s chance to dress up, heck, we just don’t get enough opportunities during the week to pull on a gorgeous dress. And don’t worry about drawing attention—all eyes will be on the bride, everyone else is just an afterthought when we all compare what we’re wearing. So look good in a dress and heels.   I scoured the stores and came up with options that are elegant and sophisticated without being daring.  You can stand proud and know that you look good, but are not making a statement.

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J Crew Avery silk short cross-back dress

(available in many colors)

$195 at

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Maggy London Halter Dress with Charmeuse Waist

$160 at


Anne Klein Dress Silk Georgette Dress

$220 at


Anne Klein Dress Charmeuse Waist Dress

$210 at

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