What age is too old to wear a mini skirt?

Q. I want to know at what point or age, should a female stop wearing mini skirts? I am a mother of two little girls and I am 5’6″ and in my mid-thirties. I am an avid runner, so I have shapely, defined legs. I was wearing a denim mini one night being out with my friends and one of my friends says to me, who is the same age as me, “Aren’t you getting too old to be wearing mini skirts?” Since then, I have questioned whether I should donate all my mini skirts.

A. As long as you feel good in a mini skirt, there is no age cut-off for wearing them – and certainly mid-thirties is not too old. The big question is HOW are you wearing your mini skirt? Whether you’re wearing a mini, a maxi, or anything in between, it often matters more the style of the items you’re choosing, rather than the length, when figuring out if something is age appropriate.


Denim minis can be tricky, since there’s often a fine line between dressing like a teenager and dressing your age. For example, if you’re wearing your denim mini with Uggs and a pink tank top, a la Pam Anderson circa 2002, or with a cropped top and cowboy hat like Lindsay Price above, then it’s probably too young for you. But if you’re wearing it with a tasteful top and flats like the lovely Reese Witherspoon shown here, or something similar to the look at right, then by all means you are dressed age appropriately.

If you’re unsure of whether your denim mini looks too young, there are plenty of other ways to show off your slim legs in a sophisticated way, like a short tunic dress or short skirts that are not denim.

In the meantime, don’t let your friends discourage you from wearing short skirts. If you feel good, then wear one!

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