What colors look good with natural linen?

Q. I bought a pair of linen colored linen pants. Can you help me figure out what color shirt to wear? For example, can I do white even though the pants are more “Natural” in color? Or should I do a brown. And what about shoes? I have a great pair of bronze/bone slingbacks that look great with the pant, but again, don’t know what color shirt to wear with them.

A. The great thing about a natural colored linen pant is that it looks great with EVERYTHING. Crisp white paired with natural linen is a classic chic look, add in brown and bronze and you’ve got the timeless “safari” mix of hues. In addition to this neutral mix, natural linen looks great with pale blush colors, black and brights like turquoise, red, yellow, green, pink and orange, to name a few. Here is some inspiration for mixing colors with natural:

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  1. Cafe Fashionista
    Aug 02, 2009 @ 10:37:28

    Great post. I think that many colors work with natural linen, but I prefer more pastel, soft shades. It seems more pleasing on the eye. Great examples here! :)


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